Gourmandise and tradition

Organic tasty products for the whole family..
The delight of young and old , a unique flavor , Churros are a delight , a shared celebration, a time of unparalleled usability..

The quality of our ingredients , our expertise and the presentation of our stores provide real added value to each event.

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A family activity craft

A professional team at your service

Our family company developed over four generations has seen its business grow . Without ever abandoning the traditional manufacturing process of our products , we have developed , over time , a variation of fragrances providing a wide range of delicious churros .

Sometimes surprising or “trends” (pink, violet or mint , for example) , our proposals rely on reliable values ​​revisited (vanilla , orange blossom , coconut … ) and the traditional churros with chocolate.

The churrons are typical Spanish pastry

biologiqueA real tradition identity

They come in the form of a fried sweet dough into a ‘big spaghetti’ or an elongated donut..

Often sells at fairs, in chocolate (which is rare) or in churrerias.

In Seville, they are called calentitos or masa frita, in Jaén the tallos and in Grenade, tejeringos.

All these regional terms were eventually supplanted by the term churro.

In Argentina and Peru, the churros are stuffed with sweetened condensed milk.

In Madrid it is usual breakfast of a very thick hot chocolate with churros or churros bathed in hot chocolate.

In Mexico, they are thicker and sprinkled with cinnamon; they are served for dessert.

In the US, we find in circuses, amusement parks and other festivities: these are generally Mexican-style churros.

In France, they are also found at carnivals under the same name or under chichis : the frills: these are typically Spanish style churros.



Additional income for organizers

Our structure and mobility allows us to meet the demands and needs of all event organizers :


  • fun fair
  • trade fair
  • Christmas markets
  • Storefront major brands
  • Salons

Why choose The partnership …

  • formulas tailored to your needs and your theme
  • a way to surprise and satisfy your visitors
  • a number of additional secured business

«Choose your winning formula to boost and facilitate your events.»

Rental location

Renting an exhibition area
to present our products.
Besides the festive aspect linked to the image
family of our delicious churros ,
the presence of our stands provide
a visual and olfactory Animation
much appreciated by visitors .
We will receive them with a
healthy dose of good humor

Rent - Sale

Sale or lease
mobile kiosks with
training and
qualified (standards,
health, safety , development
implementation , production,
sale )
Note: these products
a yield
with significant

Retrocession 35%

You do not have the
adequate staff , you
you want
focus on
organizing your
event, our teams
experienced and
qualified are responsible for
We guarantee
retrocession of 35%
of sales

20 cents / visitor

We can become
your main sponsor.
We pay you 20
cents per visitor and
adapted animation.
Example: under
this partnership, to
a manifestation of
50000 visitors, we
assign the sum of
10,000 euros to

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